Greetings Cards for 1973ltd
  • 'Natural' by Ben the Illustrator
    A set of greetings cards for 1973ltd
  • I spent a good amount of 2010 relishing the opportunity to create 16 beautiful illustrations for 1973ltd to make into a set of greetings cards entitled 'Natural' by Ben the Illustrator. I worked very closely with the client on the creative process, developing a set of cards that would work well all together while each standing alone perfectly.

    Each card is printed using vegetable inks on board made from 100% Elemental Chlorine Free woodpulps, sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests.

    The cards are now available to buy from the 1973ltd store!
A set of 16 greetings cards I designed for 1973ltd all using vector artwork on top of natural textures and all depicting an animal or bird in it's natural habitat.
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