I’m excited by shapes, form, movement and colour.  The tip of a pine-tree, the wave before it drops, the corner of a building, the curve of an eyebrow;  I find these forms exciting.  A kingfisher’s feathers, new sneakers, new sunrises, orange Lego blocks; I find these colours exciting.  In life we’re provided with endless forms and colours and I excitedly recreate them in my illustration work, I enjoy creating exciting illustration, illustration that excites people.
    I am a highly experienced illustrator, renowned for a positive, creative outlook and a solid understanding of commercial design, the visual arts and successful business. I love it. I relish diversity and welcome all opportunities; large or small, print or digital, editorial, advertising, publishing, interiors, fashion, surface patterns, murals and any other world beyond. If you would like to talk about a creative project you can email me or call me on +44 (0)7816 470787.
    Selected Client List :
    Airside, BBC, Berri Fruit Juice, Computer Arts, Delta Airlines, Fuel Juice Bars, FuseProject, Girl Scouts of USA, GQ Magazine, Honda, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, JWT, Leo Burnett, Monocle Magazine, The New York Times, Nickelodeon, Pixar, Redactive Publishing, Smart Cars, Sunday Publishing, TBWAChiatDay, Virgin Media, Westfields Shopping Centres, Waitrose, Warner Music, XL Recordings.
    Awards :
    3x3 Illustration Professional Show 2013 - Merit for textiles/pattern design.
    Hollywood calling :
    Throughout 2014 UK production company Look&Yes are documenting the British graphic arts scene from the passed decade for a feature length film.  I am very proud to be included, here is a short teaser they have put together where I talk about my inspirations...